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New Endoscopy Unit Work Begins

The Whangarei Hospital endoscopy service currently operates from two separate locations; one in the theatre complex and the second in the medical outpatient zone. The service is to be relocated and consolidated to provide a more streamlined service for both acute and elective endoscopy procedures. A new unit is to be built in the old […]

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Northland DHB Hospital Redevelopment Private: Office Accommodation

Project Brief


The new office facility will allow for the relocation and consolidation of a number of separate teams currently housed in different facilities scattered throughout Whangarei. The new facility will house clinical and non-clinical staff.

Northland DHB currently leases 4,700m2 of mainly office space at seven locations in Whangarei at a considerable cost to the organisation.

“Development of an on-campus building offers a number of strategic benefits”, said CEO Dr Nick Chamberlain.  “Some 300 staff are currently scattered across Whangarei posing logistical problems and additional travel to and from the hospital. It is possible that some staff will remain in other premises but they will be a small minority”.

In addition there is continuing and increasing pressure for office space at Whangarei Hospital, as buildings are deconstructed and the site is re-developed.   The deconstruction of Norton House to make way for the new Mental Health Acute Inpatient Unit exacerbated the situation, and the deconstruction of Wards 8 and 9 to make way for the new Maternity Unit further increases pressure on space.

“A key benefit of co-locating our staff is that we will be able to operate as a ‘whole of system’ organisation”, Dr Chamberlain said.  “We will build a modern, environmentally friendly building that will benefit our staff and patients. Our car parking and roading access plan will be dovetailed into the overall development to ensure that we have the infrastructure needed to support the growing needs of the campus”.