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New Endoscopy Unit Work Begins

The Whangarei Hospital endoscopy service currently operates from two separate locations; one in the theatre complex and the second in the medical outpatient zone. The service is to be relocated and consolidated to provide a more streamlined service for both acute and elective endoscopy procedures. A new unit is to be built in the old […]

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Northland DHB Hospital Redevelopment Private: Major Radiology Project

Project Brief

As part of the site redevelopment plan at Whangarei Hospital the Northland District Health Board has signed off the supply and installation of a second CT Scanner to supplement the existing 8 slice CT Scanner.

The new 128 slice CT Scanner is capable of all routine diagnostic work as well as examinations in cardiology, neurology and oncology. It is suited for emergency situations, accidents, strokes requiring speedy diagnoses. A scanner with more slice makes it easier to examine all patients including children and frailer older patients as well as trauma. New functionality and technology in a 128 slice CT enables a greater range of scans to be managed within Northland District Health Board.

A 64 slice has not been considered as it is already old technology. The first 64 slice scanners were installed in New Zealand in 2005.A 128 slice CT Scanner would assist in future proofing the radiology department.

The installation of a second CT Scanner at Whangarei hospital will deliver the following benefits;

  • Improved Emergency Department Patient Access. The faster CT scanner will improve turnaround and throughput of patients referred from the Emergency Department.
  • Improved inpatient acute access and reduced average length of stay.
  • Diagnostic wait time targets.
  • Improved access for patients on Faster Cancer treatment pathway.
  • CT Colonography availability
  • Patient safety – reduced radiation dose
  • The repatriation of diagnostic volumes from Auckland District Health Board and private radiology.
  • The capacity to provide improved access for GP referral patients
  • Minister of Health expectations.